Memory brings them back

I found this chocolate mints one day when I went to CVS last time. Surprisingly that I saw that and just bought 2 pcs of them with no longer thought. 

This used to be my favorite actually since the first time I got them. Andes, that's how it's called, was a present from Kagawa sensei when he came to my home university to held a Physics Workshop few years ago. Since then, every time he came he always gave me that chocolate. And I never happened to get the same chocolate by myself until that day at CVS.

The first bite just successfully brought me to the memories years back. Setting up the experiments, working with lasers, analyzing data, enjoying the talks, many things that lied there inside. The tears just warmed my deepest.

This is interesting how powerful thing worked to dragged you back, even it's only a chocolate. I meant, yeah, it's not about that particular stuff, it is very often that memories with the stuff that make you feel those nostalgic emotions, isn't it? :)

A cup of frozen yogurt

That was a time when a cup of a frozen yogurt from Local Culture matters a lot for me. Even I realized there were so many stranger eyes surround us with uncertain sight. :)

Many unpredictable things sometimes turn into a very significant comfortness. It's effortlessly cool when a person treat you with respect and warm welcome. Gladly I found that here, my home away from home. :')

You made my day. Just so you know.

Well... We'll see

Kadang kita berfikir berkelok dan panjangnya jalan yang ditempuh seseorang untuk sampai di depan pintu rumah hati kita tidak pernah sama dengan jarak yang kita lalui selama ini hingga kita memutuskan untuk menerima dan membukakan pintu pada sebuah ketukan itu. Padahal siapa tahu jumlah perjalanannya sama atau lelahnya juga sebanding. Dedicated to you who's thousands miles a part, terima kasih telah mencoba. 

Btw, for fun, I just found them quite good saying things I want to say for this kind of time. XD

Keep on going

You know what, sometimes love takes slow steps towards your heart, so enjoy every detail of beauty along the journey.

I don't mind though. So far, I did get the sense why some people say it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.