Today's wrap-up

Alhamdulillah, setelah berhari-hari kepikiran terus dengan SSN (social security number), akhirnya Jumat tadi selesai urusan. Yet, there's still thing I hate about my so careless self. I thought I already filed every documents in the binder. Yet, arriving there, with very short queuing time, and sat across the counter only to be told that I have everything but my original DS2019. Graaaa! *fire everything*

Going back, sitting on the back seat and keep thinking how could I mistaken bringing the copy of the document not the original one. I mean okay I am careless sometimes (too many times, honestly) but, in such situation? please. Pull yourself together, girl! *self burying*

We got back to the office two hours later because a friend who gave me a ride need to go to Jumah prayer. Fortunately the whole process was really fast, not complicated at all, beyond my expectation! Oho!  It helps me a lot and felt so much relieved, and more over the lady behind the country was also very kind during the process. She's not talking much but her kindness just propagated everytime she asked me questions and then typed them. Overall, I enjoyed it very much and not even having time to feel bored, xD.

My SSN card will be mailed to my address within two weeks, yay, alhamdulillah. I waited for my friend picking me by browsing Instagram of Friday fact which just led me from one laughter to other ones. =))
Then in sudden I just feel like listening to The Ballad of Wild Bill by George canyon. A cowboy strikes with his guitar and very great voice! Awesome performance in a movie I just watched recently. Cheesy but not that bad, fun enough to entertain your brain when final is right before your eyes. Go watch it if you can chew some not so much drama romance story. :)

I continued my Friday out to my department for the last meeting of PGSA (Physics Graduate Student Association) of the Fall semester and also the announcement for the winner of journal club. Guess what, as what I expected, the mutuwah face just won the second place! Yay! Gonna get an ice cream treat! *senyum hantu sikit*  hahah

Going home and thank god we didn't miss the bus since its already dark and cold and about to rain. What a blessed Friday. Terima kasih ya Allah at as segala kemudahan dan limpahan nikmat yang Engkau berikan, semoga aku menjadi bagian Dari orang yang selalu memperbaiki kualitas kesyukurannya. Amin ya Rabb.

Have a great and blessed Friday,  everyone!