And... It began

Sometimes you're wondering how a story, your story will end. Sometimes you will ask yourself whether everything you plan would work as you expect or just fall instead.

Yet, here one of my stories, or to be more specific, my love story has revealed its ending. I meant the ending of all the curiosities, all of the wishful thinking, all of the hopes, in between angst and everything, Allah showed us what has been covered behind, the man who would take my hand and walk along the way together with him for the rest of our life has come. The one who once came and never left the road we once agreed to take. The one who showed me how a good heart and perseverance would work just perfectly well once you just give the rest to ALLAH after working hard on it. He's the one who impressed me and continue doing it day by day. For everything you have done and keep doing it, thank you, Abang. I thank Allah for giving me this chance to be someone's wife in this life.  I'm so glad I can't really describe that someone is you.  Every time I think about this, I'm so blessed and excited to start a new life with you, a kind hearted-guy I once fell for a long time ago but never thought that we could be together again after all those things that happened. long and another story about this to come for sure. XD

7 days. Right. Our togetherness is as short as it sounds, I know. It's just as heavy as both our hearts to bid a farewell for now. Insya Allah in around twelve days or shorter we will be reunited in a place where we could celebrate again and counting more our thankfulness to Allah who grants me this great great happiness by his side. We are going to walk down the memory lane soon and experience the blast to come, insya Allah.

Clearly 7 days was nothing for some people. but for us, it was a great chapter of introduction into a big, thick story book of two of us shaping the life of each other, together, till we grow old, together, aaamin Ya Rabbana.

Alhamdulillah, since the Akad on May 7th at 8 pm, we are officially a husband and wife. 😊 


(Polonia Airport, Medan on a busy Monday waiting for my next flight back to Banda Aceh)