What to say

well, we didn't talk much recently...

Blessed Friday

Alhamdulillah, untuk keberkahan Jumat hari ini. :)

Until I wrote this entry, I still feel something wrong within my head and feeling. Macam tak puas hati, sesuatu yang tidak mengenakkan terjadi atau berkelebat di dalam sini. Tapi keburu menguap karena seharian ini memang pikiran semacam teralihkan. sounds weird.

Sepagi tadi udah di kelas dengan beberapa hal lucu dan our little achievement, I mean the group, not only me. Alhamdulillah, Mr Idris has been back from America and shared us an up-date. To be said that we have Christina and Mr. Idris for Friday class as usual. Banyak booklet and leaflet yang dibawa sama Pak Idris selesai kelas pagi tadi. Oh Well, the whole class might think the same, more and less. We even discusses it further at the time we had lunch. haha, just let it go for now, dear. Wanna free my mind from it now.

Semua hal sedang berkejar-kejaran, di dalam kepala dan di dunia nyata. Allah, semoga semua berjalan dengan baik dan berikanlah kesabaran dan kekuatan dalam menjalani semuanya. Insya Allah.

My Life Chapter Recently

It is about the activity I am currently up to and I decided to write it in the journal. In these 2 months I have been attending an English Training in KBA office from 8 am until 12.45 am, from Monday till Friday. full-loaded, huh? XD
It's a preparation training to Acehnese students who got Aceh government scholarship to USA. The training aimed to prepare students to improve their English skills so that they can meet the requirement especially iBT score (internet-based TOEFL) and GRE/GMAT score which are very essential in applying colleges to USA. Oh Mine, can I escape this part of which I realized that I wrote them in academic-writing alike? so plain... :|

Actually, yup. Started from September 12th the training will last in the middle of December and ... it ends up us taking iBT and GRE/GMAT test in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur. We haven't informed yet in which place exactly we will take the exam. But the thing I really know is that we should get the best score to pass the requirement. (well, considering this case, I told myself from very beginning that, it's true when some people believe that we should arrange plan A and plan B and other alphabet plan in this life to avoid desperate and depression. I' going with this anyway :p )

I started entering the class with uncertain feeling like, what would be the class like, students, teachers, materials itself and so on. Everything just screwed up my mind. You guys may find it hard to believe but that's how I felt that time.

Jadi di kelas itu pesertanya memiliki berbagai latar belakang akademik, mulai dari Ilmu Politik, Manajemen, Ekonomi, Akuntansi, Teknik Arsitek, Kedokteran, Hukum dan Sains Fisika. Ada yang udah Master dan akan melanjutkan ke Ph.D dan sebagian besar peserta melanjutkan ke jenjang Master. Kalau pas giliran Speaking-class, sesi ini akan menjadi sesi yang paling seru karena ajang diskusi orang-orang dari disiplin ilmu yang berbeda, pendekatannya berbeda, jenjang kedewasaannya berbeda, kematangan berfikirnya juga beda, dan point of view nya tentu saja berbeda. Cool!

Sebelumnya kesannya biasa aja selain ya... tentu aja ngerasa harus sungguh-sungguh dengan pelatihan ini, karena terasa banget manfaat dan ilmu yang didapat di sini. Belum lagi para pengajarnya, untuk kelas reading ada Christina yang smart dan elegant, dari Oklahoma. Untuk kelas speaking ada Jessica yang lagi ngambil Ph.D di negara asalnya Australia, dan kelas Integrated-skills yang luar biasa ngeri plus lucu-seru dan gak tau bilang gimana, dengan Jonthon dari USA. He's brilliant teacher, really!
Makin kemari, makin dijalani, dan tentu saja ini akan segera berakhir dalam hitungan minggu, rasanya makin berat untuk gak meninggalkan kesan apapun. And I've promised myself to write about this class, the students to remain my foot step there. ^^

I would like to start to name one by one of them and I'll better mention their nickname, I think.
- Ami, lovely and kind friend. She's very smart and good in analyzing articles and stating her opinion especially in social issues. No doubt because she graduated from Political Science of University of Indonesia and she was one of the best graduated student. Cool, isn't it? Jonthon told us that he found Ami as a nicest person in the class after si zz. (oh Mine, can you see that? Jonthon told them, huehehe. That might be, because he doesn't know me much, right? I am not that nice, sir, believe me. XD )

- Icha, smart, kind, brave girl and very good at speaking . Her ability to speak in fluent English is really adorable, the way she speaks, her American and Australian style... hmm I just love it. She is the student with the highest IELTS score, you know. I ever guided her around Peunayong since she's new to Banda Aceh. Such nice hang-out time we had. haha.
She also graduated from University of Indonesia and experienced living in Australia for 6 months. That makes sense why her English is very improved, right? woaah... ^0^

- Bang Reza, I called him a brilliant man. Even Christina often give praises to this man such as 'excellent', 'exactly', 'yep, thank you for saying that' and so on every time he answered when we're discussing about vocabulary. He really get his portion in it! He is quite yet nice person, helpful and very good in grammar and he ever spent his childhood living in New Mexico, USA when he was 6. A lucky life he has. :)
If we do homework or exercise together with him, we guarantee that we would finish it in time, he tend to be serious in serious time. Really happy to know him. And today, we celebrated his last week wedding by having lunch together treated by papa Jonthon for the whole class.
Arigatou ne, Jonthon... :D

- Rian, this kind and easy-going student really make our class fun and enjoyable. When he went back from Malaysia for his graduation ceremony, he gave us one each of big stim and delicious chocolate. Thank you very much, Rian. oh, the important thing about him that he is famous for his well-organized idea when he is on presentation, debating or even in stating opinion. This boy is really something. (eh? Did I say something popular just now? :)) )

- Kak Afrida, a lecturer who finished her Master-degree in University of Pittsburg, USA and planned to continue her Ph-D. I admire her spirit and her English skills. Even her commitment to attend the training is praised by Pak Taufan and Bu sari. Since there are few Ph.D candidates did not attent the training for their several own reasons, oh well, that's not my business actually. :D ) .She speaks English very fast and her grammar is really good. She's so kind and helpful and we have same favorite food in the Governor Office's cantin : Tahu goreng! honto ni oishiii!!
Love you kak Afrida... ^^

- Bg Hendri, He graduated from Architecture of ITS and he's really kind. We went to coffee-shop when we had no class for finishing our English materials Exercise and we got there with him driving his car ( I won't ever forget this first experience to go to Solong Mini which usually I avoid because it's uncomfortable. hahaha. Alhamdulillah, a good thing was we really have our exercise done! Yayy!! But... hei, even today, our teacher, Jonthon asked us to have lunch together and again Rian offer this Solong Mini. Pity for Icha that she couldn't stand of people smoking. Actually I feel the same but today, I saw her really suffer from it. I feel sorry for her. Don't worry, we wont come there anymore, Cha...)

- Actually we have By Musyu but recently he couldn't come because of his job as lecturer. Kasian sebenernya . Lagipula, seisi kelas kerasa banget gak serunya kalau Bg Musyu ini udah gak ada lagi karena beliau ini memang beda banget dari yang lain. The way he speaks!! Really awesome. mungkin karena beliau ini memang jago dan punya skills ngomong di depan publik ya, jadinya seru aja kalau pas udah presentasi, sesaat kayak lupa bahwa beliau peserta dan ada guru karena beliau kayak beneran lagi jadi pemateri. keren kan? Bahkan sering kali pas lagi ngobrol biasa, gaya presenter tivi nya kebawa-bawa, hihihi. Bg Musyu bener-bener bikin kelas jadi berwarna. So, when wil you come back, brother? ^^

Itu baru sekelumit kesan. Mungkin gak total dan cuma sedikit yang terwakili lewat kata-kata. Tapi paling gak zz udah berusaha ngerekam sedikit di sini. Pas kapan gitu dimasa yang akan datang dibuka lagi, Insya Allah memori di fikiran dan hati akan turut me-review semuanya ketika membacanya lagi. I do believe that, Insya Allah...

Tapi, hei, hei, makin kemari, makin tension rasanya suasana di kelas. Makanan sehari-harinya adalah latihan iBT dan GRE. huhuhu.
Perjuangan memang tak mudah kan. Apapun yang akan jadi takdir zz ke depannya nanti, zz akan mengupayakan yang sebaik-baiknya sebisa zz untuk saat ini. Semoga semuanya bisa lulus ujian dan dapat nilai yang bagus. Kan nilai itu juga akan bisa dibawa kemana-mana untuk apply. Deshou? Dakara, Minna...yoku ganbatte ne, watashi mo... ^^

ps :
I'm thinking to put our picture here...
well, yeah...that's a good thing to be considered ... ^^

Finally I did upload the pic after that long time...)

(Post-it) Wednesday? :p

I wont write sentences, just post these few pictures.
Can those pictured-sentences name my today entry as wordless wednesday? haha.

Idul Adha Tahun Ini

Tak perduli terlambat, dan ini sudah lebaran ketiga, yang jelas tak ada kata maaf yang tak patut diucapkan. Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin, saudaraku. Semoga keteladanan yang telah dicontohkan Nabi Ibrahim as. dan Nabi Ismail as., putra beliau, tak hanya sekedar susunan cerita di mimbar khatib saat shalat Ied kemarin. Semoga semangat berkurban dan berbagi, mengorbankan sebagian hak kita demi mereka yang membutuhkan kita bawa dalam kehidupan nyata kita. Aamin ya Rabb.

Mohon dimaafkan atas segala khilaf dan salah :)

note :
the picture is taken from here

It's about...

~ When sadness builds me up till I can’t see my soul, Will you break down these walls and pull me through? ~

I just feel ‘Oh Mine’ when I found that line. Really. Oh okay, let me tell you that I changed a word which is replaced by word ‘sadness’ there. :) Therefore the quote just matched with the thing I am going to reveal over here. Heheh. No credit for this since I found it in the back cover of a note book a few months ago. Why? Like I’ve told you before that I just feel it was touching.

See? That line itself is really deep, right? Don’t you think so?

Waktu liat quote ini lagi, somehow zz kok ngerasa trenyuh campur terharu mendadak. Aneh memang, tapi pas dipikir lagi, yah enggak aneh juga sih. Abisnya quote nya kok ‘tekk’ gitu aja ke hati. Ini tentang teman, sahabat, orang dekat yang bersedia datang menguatkan ketika sesuatu bernama kesedihan datang menghampiri. Atas alasan apapun itu, betapa kita tak pernah boleh merasa terasing, terpuruk, dalam kesendirian. Asalkan kita bisa melihat dengan hati, di sana ada orang-orang yang bersedia datang tak hanya ketika riang hati dan bahagia, tapi mereka tetap ada saat sedih menyergap kita. Ya, mereka memilih untuk tinggal, tidak berlalu. Kita punya mereka.



Dalam hati, syukur yang harusnya terus melangit padaMu Allah, betapa kadang aku nafikan segala kebaikan dan nikmat dariMu ketika sedikit Kau beri kesedihan. Padahal itu tiada seberapa dengan apa yang zz nikmati. Astaghfirullah. Betapa kualitas ksyukuran yang masih begini rupa harus terus kuperbaiki. Dan do’a-do’a ku, biarlah ia terus riuh ke pucuk-pucuk langit. Jauh… hingga tak terlihat manusia, biar hanya antara aku dan Dia saja.

My Thing

One of my favorite things in this world is books.

Ehehe, cantiknya ayat kat atas tu kan? XD

Umm, I’m serious actually. zz memang cinta sangat dengan makhluk satu ni. So, jikalau ada trouble, or yang ribut kecik-kecik atau apalah yang orang buat ke zz, untuk meredakannya, selain bawa ke coffeeshop yang serve Coffee-latte, baik lah dia orang bawa zz ke toko buku terdekat dan terlengkap jikalau mampu, ihihihi. I’ll forgive you, dear!! :)) *terdengar macam membual kan? zz juga mikirnya gitu, eh tapi make sense kan ayat ni. :D *

Alright, forget that silly introduction, maafkan zz yang mirip seperti orang yang tak punya ide tapi memaksakan diri untuk up date cerita hidupnya di sini. Back to the topic, kalau dilihat-lihat, belakangan ini semangat membaca buku di sekitar kita mulai menunjukkan perkembangan yang positif. Alhamdulillah. Salah satu indikasinya yaitu, betapa sekarang ini mudah sekali kita disuguhkan acara-acara macam pameran buku, book-fest, pesta buku, bazar buku dan event serupa lainnya. Dan... pameran buku ini gak pernah sepi, padat pengunjungnya, bahkan sale nya juga diserbu. Untuk keramaian satu ini, zz lega sekali melihatnya, bahkan senang yang teramat sangat.

Zz sendiri suka sih jalan-jalan hunting buku, sekedar liat-liat, masukin wish-list dan nanti pas keadaan kantong mengizinkan maka balik lagi untuk ngambil. Hehe. Kadang harus berpuas hati jika pas pengen beli, bukunya malah sold out. Bagus kan? >.<

Kalau untuk koleksi buku, umm, bolehlah senang hati sikit, zz punya agak lumayan, walaupun kalau dibandingkan dengan salah satu temen yang kuliah ITB, dianya bilang koleksi bukunya udah bisa dijual dan dijadiin modal buat mahar. Cool. :))

Tapi satu yang agak kerasa, belakangan ini kok ya zz ngerasa target baca bukunya udah kemana-mana nih saking ga tercapainya. Rasanya sibukkk banget, sampe kadang-kadang satu buku bisa berhari-hari atau bahkan berminggu. Tapi ada juga sih yang selesai dalam satu malam pas bukunya itu memang sangat ‘mencurigakan’ (baca : bikin penasaran kalau gak dibaca tuntas). Okay, girl, you should cut this part to another curhat-session next time. hoho

Well, regarding this hobby (beberapa bilang bahwa membaca sebagai hobi itu debatable sih :p), zz pengen nanti kapan gitu kalau punya rumah sendiri, selain punya mushalla yang nyaman, juga punya ‘kelebihan ruangan’ untuk tempat nyantai sambil baca buku, orang sih nyebutnya pustaka, hahaha.

Iyah, bukan ide yang buruk kan? Apalagi kemarin itu pas liat-liat pustaka universitas terkenal dunia, zz nemu pustaka rumahan yang keliatannya rapi banget, artistik, nyaman, dan beda aja dari pustaka rumah kebanyakan. Take a look to the picture, so beautiful!! and... I just couldn’t help falling in love with you~~