Books that They Read

Well, I am telling you this again what my good friend has quoted it once, If you want to get to know someone, read what s/he reads and writes. That's very true.

admittedly, I'm always drawn over people who likes reading and writing. Either when they write about stuff that's new to me or things I could relate to. it always happens. It does.

there's someone whose mind and character I am fancy of. we were in the middle of conversation about him telling me he likes to read old books and sometimes he writes too. and now he stopped, I meant, writing. because for reading I still saw him few times when he goes to our University's library and come back with some serious books. He's really something, I know. 

"... and why you stopped?" asked I 
" I don't have time..."

I chuckled as it does sound too familiar to me and I don't even bother to ask why. I myself know that phrase too well. *oh God, my blog*

"I'm too busy with graduate school, research and my side projects..."

"that's understandable. you also teach, right?"

"I do..."

"What did you write about?"

"politics" he answered that firmly and I was like, "whoa, that's... heavy..."

" haha..." he's just laughing hearing my response. 

"I read some of your notes in Facebook tho"

"oh? you did?" he's in kind of blushing tone

and we talked more about our reading stuff. I don't even need to explain how happy I am to confirm that we share the same hobby. By the time I get to know him, he's now officially in the list!  
List of my favorite people. 

Thank God for such privilege meeting an adamantly thoughtful person like him in my journey. Life keeps many secrets to reveal time by time you walk through the path. 




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