Officially Fall!

I was caught up with my home works and assignments these days. Monday is already coming and rushing activities back in here! Sometimes I can breathe easily yet sometimes it's even hard to breathe. 

After finished my class this morning, I went home to take my book and also for having lunch since I did not take my lunch with me today. I came to school and just decided in sudden not to work on my assignment in my office. I sat by the balcony and started freezing since the breeze was cold enough for me who only wear a light Long sleeves T-shirt. I somehow could feel a paradox in me, I like feeling the fall around yet I barely stand the breeze in the beginning of fall. Seriously? Ata chit galak-galak manteng gata back peugah. :p

After a while I just spotted a perfect place to sit and work on my task so I just headed there and managed to spread all my paperwork around. Well, not really spreading out of course. You know what I meant right? So, I tackled few problems, struggled on other parts. This quantum mechanics really tear me apart. I fortunately thanked for the surrounding I have, it pampered my brain a bit somehow. I know it's hard to accept for you, never mind tho. 

Seems that someone just found a perfect spot.
How I love QM. :/
So that's the spirit, "work hard, play harder" #eh :))


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