An odd lyrics translation

"You said you're not crying
but your voice was trembling
so I just held you there,

There's not even a hint that
we'll be able to promise a future 
for one another
so why me
I'm sure 
there's no answer to that

And you said you're not crying
but your voice was trembling

I know, I know. That's kind of weird feeling now when you read about it and think,"Wait! What was happening here?"

How could she ended up with such lines on her notes. seems like those were from some random sad dramatic lyrics or some translation from an anime ost? an anime she once watched? Probably. 

And someone was just so in the mood of walking down memory lane to degree to consider including this leftover of some old note over here. Probably it is good to keep things that once had a meaning for the younger you, I guess. It's like looking into a mirror and see how much you grown up and how things (although it is just a little thing that probably you won't even remember if it was not kept in a page like that) just shaped you into a person you become now. I found it intriguing. 


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